The 5 Best Places to Fish for Brook Trout in Ontario

The Top 5 Brook Trout Havens in Ontario

1. Algonquin Provincial Park
Nestled within Ontario’s vast wilderness, Algonquin Provincial Park is a brook trout angler’s paradise. This sprawling natural wonder is dotted with over 1,500 lakes and countless streams, many teeming with native brook trout. The park’s pristine waters, fed by natural springs, offer an idyllic habitat for these beautiful fish, boasting vibrant reds and greens. Algonquin’s accessibility varies from easily reached roadside spots to remote backcountry lakes, promising a genuine wilderness fishing experience. Whether you’re a fly-fisher or prefer spinning tackle, this park has a spot for you.

2. Nipigon River System
The Nipigon River, flowing into Lake Superior, holds a legendary status among brook trout enthusiasts. This is where the world-record brook trout was caught in 1915, weighing an astonishing 14.5 pounds. The river’s deep, cold, and clear waters continue to produce trophy-sized brookies. The river system, including its tributaries and bays, offers varied fishing opportunities, from boat fishing to wading in its shallower parts. The Nipigon area isn’t just about size; it’s about the awe-inspiring beauty and the purity of the wilderness that surrounds it.

3. Sutton River
Flowing through Polar Bear Provincial Park to Hudson Bay, the Sutton River offers one of the most remote and untouched brook trout fishing experiences in Ontario. This river is renowned for its fly-fishing opportunities, with countless pools and fast-moving stretches teeming with aggressive brook trout. Accessible only by floatplane, the journey to the Sutton River is an adventure in itself, leading anglers into the heart of the wild, far from the buzz of civilization.

4. Wabakimi Provincial Park
Wabakimi, the second-largest provincial park in Ontario, is a treasure trove of brook trout fishing spots. Its vast network of lakes and rivers, set deep in the boreal forest, is relatively untouched by human activity. The park’s clear, cold waters are perfect for brook trout, and the solitude it offers is unmatched. Accessing Wabakimi’s best fishing spots often involves canoeing and portaging, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a genuine backcountry fishing adventure.

5. Lake Superior’s Coastal Streams
The coastal streams flowing into Lake Superior are often overlooked gems for brook trout fishing. These streams, particularly in the spring and fall, are frequented by brook trout seeking spawning grounds or escaping the big lake’s harsh conditions. Each stream has its own unique character, with some requiring a bit of hiking to reach the best spots. The experience of fishing these streams, with the backdrop of Lake Superior’s vast expanse, is as rewarding as it is picturesque.

Each of these destinations offers a unique experience, from the backcountry adventures of Algonquin and Wabakimi to the historic waters of the Nipigon River. They all share a common trait: the promise of a memorable brook trout fishing experience amidst some of Ontario’s most breathtaking natural landscapes.

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