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Ontario Rainbow Trout Fishing

Spring (Start of Season)

Rivers, streams and creeks run wild with rainbows during the spring as they make their yearly spawning migration. Spring steelheading truly is a sign of spring, and fishing can be fun and easy at this time of year. Arm yourself with a long, noodle rod, load up your reel with six-pound test line, and bait up your hooks with spawn sacks in order to get in on the game. Rainbows can be found in many typical areas of a stream – deep pools, rapids and log jams or undercut banks. If the water is clear, your best approach is to scale down your presentation size as the fish will be much more finicky. Scale up during muddy or high water periods. Polarized glasses are a must when stream fishing as they help you locate fish hidden below the water’s depth, and also structure areas that are likely to hold steelies.

Big lake fishing is the name of the game when it comes to catching rainbows during the summer. Ontario’s Great Lakes are the playing field for anglers in search of trout to test their skills with. Downrigging is the only way to go during the summer, as you will need to present your lure at the appropriate depth for the fish and will need the necessary tackle to fight and land these fierce fighters. Spoons are the number one choice for rainbow hunters and the colour to use can often be an art form. The use of different coloured prism tape will add to your spoons effectiveness and will help cover the different variables you may encounter. Fishfinders play a major part in trout fishing during the summer as they help anglers locate the schools of baitfish that the trout are feeding on, and help in locating rainbows and determining the depth to run your lures.

Fall signifies a “fake spawn” in the rainbow trout, and many fish will once again migrate the many tributary streams that Ontario offers. Fishing the same way you did in the spring will enable you to catch fish, although you may hook into the odd bonus salmon while out on the water. Another tried and tested tactic is fishing from piers and in harbour mouths come fall. Intercepting these fish before or after they reach the rivers can bring tremendous days on the water. Try throwing spoons, spinners and crankbaits to these acrobatic trout, or bottom bounce with spawn sacks or minnows for those fish interested in the real thing. Make sure that your reel is full to the brim with line as these fish can make long runs and take plenty of line with them.

Ontario Rainbow Trout Fishing

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