Ontario Trout Fishing

Brown Trout Fishing Techniques

Ontario Brown Trout Fishing

The most distinguishing characteristics of the brown trout include large black and sometimes reddish-orange spots with a pale border on the sides of the fish. These spots are modified Xs when the fish is large.

The food of the adult brown includes terrestrial and aquatic insects, worms, crayfish and fish.

Brown trout spawn in late autumn at the gravelly headwaters of streams. They grow rapidly and may live to an age of six years and reach weights of eight to ten pounds. Some may reach 30 pounds in Lake Michigan.

Brown trout prefer water temperatures between 55 degrees and 65 degrees F. and are typically found in near shore waters. This wary fish can be taken more readily in the early morning and twilight hours. Light line is in order using conventional lures or natural baits.

Shore fishing methods are similar to the rainbow trout.

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