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Discover the Joy of Small-Stream Trout
Imagine yourself exploring a small tranquil stream – lost in your own world yet in the thick of trout country.

Floating for Spring Steelhead Trout
Of the various methods employed to catch migratory rainbow trout, or steelhead, in the tributary rivers, creeks and streams that flow into the Great Lakes, float fishing is likely the most popular.

Lake Trout Fishing
With lake trout season almost upon us, it’s time to explore some tactics for catching them.

Late Season Steelhead Trout
The late fall is often looked upon as the slowest time for fishing as it is kind of a transition period.

Ontario Aurora Trout Fishing
Imagine the feeling of hooking a rare specie of fish that is so uncommon that most anglers will fish a lifetime without nary a glimpse of this mystical enigma.

Ontario Brook (Speckled) Trout Fishing
Ontario brook (speckled) trout live in small streams, big rivers, ponds, inland lakes, Lake Superior, and Hudson and James bays, from which they make late-summer/fall spawning runs up tributaries.

Ontario Brown Trout Fishing
The most distinguishing characteristics of the brown trout include large black and sometimes reddish-orange spots with a pale border on the sides of the fish.

Ontario Lake Trout Fishing
Spring (Start of Season) – For those bodies of water that hold lake trout, the spring time is the one chance you have to hook up with fish without using downriggers or sophisticated equipment.

Ontario Rainbow Trout Fishing
Spring (Start of Season) – Rivers, streams and creeks run wild with rainbows during the spring as they make their yearly spawning migration.

Roadside Brook Trout
As we drove along the dirt road through the heart of southwestern Ontario’s farm country, my questions for my friend Jody about our destination must have seemed endless.

Spring Rainbow Trout on Trolled Streamers
Mid to late April is when ice often leaves Ontario lakes, unveiling open water trout fishing.

Spring Steelhead Primer
As winter makes way for spring, the world, once again, starts to flourish.

Temperature, Tackle and Techniques
Early Season Longlining For Trout From The Gardiner Expressway To God’s Country

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