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Discover places where serenity and exhilaration combine to bring you the best trout fishing trip you’ve ever taken – Ontario – the one you’ve always dreamed of.

Not only does Ontario have a tremendous variety of trout, we also have the most places to catch them. From clear, cold lakes of only a few acres to the largest inland seas on the continent… from rushing streams to big, brawling rivers… whether you seek your trout from a boat or canoe, in chest waders or from shore – Ontario has a spot for you.



Trout Ontario boasts the world’s largest number of lakeside resorts with trout fishing facilities and services to suit every taste and every budget. Accommodations options can run from rustic and remote fly-in wilderness fishing camps far away from civilization to luxurious shoreline resorts within easy driving distance. And every package can be custom tailored to be exactly the kind of angling experience you desire.

The trout themselves, of course, are only one of the reasons to come to Ontario. You’ll also find yourself surrounded by a land of unparalleled beauty and variety – rich with a bountiful array of wildlife. Remember that trout fishing in Ontario is not restricted to warm weather and open water. When winter clamps down, thousands of frozen lakes provide great ice fishing action. Ontario’s outfitters can set you up royally with everything you need – from bait, provisions and transportation to a cosy heated hut.

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